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LTITUDE Restaurant, Bar & Lounge
Dining On Cloud Nine
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Epitomising the high-octane spirit of MIGF 2016, LTITUDE Restaurant, Bar & Lounge went all out in bringing a Publicity Dinner that none of the 24 guests will soon forget. As the elite dining group made their way up to the cloud-capped climes of Genting Highlands, Chef Mandy Goh was busy in her kitchen ready to wow diners with an eight-course banquet.

One-by-one the guests filtered in to the luxuriously exclusive Genting Club where canapes and welcome drinks greeted them. Among the guestlist were Festival Advisory Committee members Jeffrey Perera and Key Soon Yue as well as LIC Industries CEO Dato’ Sri Jackie Tor, Wealth Asset Limited Director Dato’ Dr Kevin Lam, SSAK Pte Director Dato’ Ranbir S Nanra and Lee Kum Kee (M) Managing Director May Lim.

Ming Ho, Karl Rathswohl and Jeffrey Perera

Cordelia Tan and Tho Yow Yin

Datin Sri Joey Tor, Levanna Lam, Datin Elisa Lam, Edward Arthur Holloway, Rayce Han, Munasham Van Boonastra Nasution and Dato' Dr Kevin Lam

A violinist and saxophonist took to the stage of Genting Club to play instrumental renditions of pop hits past and present, while animated chatter began between the guests below. Canapes of flat bread with sturia caviar and lemon mascarpone, wild mushroom tea with ‘gardens of green’, and wagyu Marble 9 on hot stone were prepared inside the club, whetting appetites before the banquet ahead.

A violin and saxophone duo take to the stage

May Lim and Dato' Ranbir S Nanra                                                                         The LTITUDE team prepare another pre-dinner cocktail

Canapes of Wild Mushroom Tea with ‘Gardens of Green’

The High Octane canape station

With staff dressed in full racing gear, the high-octane theme was never more prevalent than when Chef Mandy herself made a grand entrance atop a motorcycle. Revving the bike’s engine, the guests burst into wild applause before MIGF Organising Chairman Dato’ Steve Day and Genting Malaysia Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations Edward Arthur Holloway welcomed the guests a promised a rare treat of a meal from LTITUDE.

Dato' Steve Day and Datin Su Wai Fun with the High Octane racing girls

Chef Mandy makes her jaw-dropping entrance

Key Soon Yue, Chef Mandy Goh, Dato' Sri Jackie Tor and Khew Choon Teck

Guests made their way into the dining room to begin their culinary journey, where table runners depicting a race track and miniature cars adorned the tables. The room was flanked on one side by an enormous walk-in wine storage room and, on the other, a brilliant fireplace blazed away merrily.

The stunning table settings

Karl Rathswohl and Dr Wong Jun Shyan

Sooria Perera and Dato' Sri Jackie Tor

Wenda Tan and Dr Kok Howe Sen

Quick as a flash, Chef Mandy introduced her first course – Hokkaido Scallops served with Romanesco cabbage and mint snow. Lightly seared, the scallops were melt-in-your-mouth delicious and demonstrated Chef Mandy’s attention to detail in ensuring that their flavour and texture blended perfectly.

Chef Mandy prepares her scallops

Hokkaido Scallops with Romanesco Cabbage and Mint Snow

Next up was the soup course and one of the finest dishes on the Festival Menu this year at LTITUDE. Purple Artichoke Soup with Black Truffle and Albali White Wine provided an interesting contrast of flavours that had each of the 24 diners clamouring for more.

The third course on the menu, an appetiser of 62oC Organic Egg with Iberico Ham and Butternut Squash Foam was equally well-received by the diners. Jeffrey Perera was one of the guests who had particularly high praise for the dish calling it ‘remarkable’ and ‘something the like of which I have never tried before”.

Purple Artichoke Soup with Black Truffle and Albali White Wine                       62oC Organic Egg with Iberico Ham and Butternut Squash Foam

The first of Chef Mandy’s two main courses was introduced next – Wild-Caught French Seabass with Swiss Chard and Vanilla Foam that was as light on the palate as it was pleasing to the eye.

The violinist continued to serenade the guests throughout dinner

Chef Mandy meticulously plates up her first main course

Wild-Caught French Seabass with Swiss Chard and Vanilla Foam

To break up the dinner and refresh mouths before the final dishes on the menu, Chef Mandy’s brought out a spectacularly presented palate cleanser. Served inside a balloon-shaped ice block, Coeur De Boeuf, Heirloom Tomato and Plum Granite set the stage for her final main course.

Coeur De Boeuf, Heirloom Tomato and Plum Granite

And so arrived the last of the savoury offerings. The Iberico Spare Ribs with Bluefoot Mushrooms and Chalotte Potatoes showed off the French cooking techniques that Chef Mandy was able to perfect during her time in Paris.

Iberico Spare Ribs with Bluefoot Mushrooms and Chalotte Potatoes

With each of the diners full after the gastronomic odyssey, the first of the desserts was served and it brought with it quite the tangy awakening. The blood orange was the star of the show here, presented in myriad ways with terrine, sorbet and panna cotta all carrying the acidic power of the citrusy fruit.

Textures of Blood Orange

Finally, Chef Mandy displayed a French classic dish for the last of the eight. A Guanaja Souffle with Valrhona Chocolate provided the perfect sweet ending to the meal and earned high scores from all over the dinner’s guests who lapped up every last bit.

Guanaja Souffle with Valrhona Chocolate

Sunway Le Cordon Bleu General Manager Ming Ho was asked to speak on behalf of the diners and said: “Every dish that came out of the kitchen was very obviously cooked with love and that is, for me, the forgotten art of cooking. To really be able to put your heart and soul into the dish means so much more than just following a recipe.”

Ming Ho gives her closing remarks

Jeffrey Perera addressed the guests next on behalf of the Festival Advisory Committee. “This has been one of the most spectacular dinners I have been a part of in my years involved with MIGF. I come here quite often and this menu is one I look forward to trying again and again,” said Mr Perera.

Jeffrey Perera thanks the LTITUDE team

Thunderous applause rang around the dining room as Chef Mandy and Edward Arthur Holloway thanked the guests for their company on the evening and hoped to see them all again very soon. The guests then retired to a brand new club area within Genting, where nightcaps were enjoyed and conversation remained at a fever pitch as guests opined on the wonderful offerings from Chef Mandy’s kitchen.

Edward Arthur Holloway speaks on behalf of Resorts World Genting

The Full Festival Menu is available at LTITUDE for just RM288 without wines or RM448 with wine pairings included and can be viewed here. To learn more about Chef Mandy Goh, click here.

You too can enjoy this Festival experience! Be sure to dine out at LTITUDE Restaurant, Bar & Lounge during The Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival from 1st to 31st October!

The elite dining group of the LTITUDE MIGF 2016 Publicity Dinner

The team at LTITUDE Restaurant, Bar & Lounge